Drabble: Musing

Fandom: Blood Ties
Pairing: Henry/Tony, Henry/Vicki
Prompt: Prompt #4 on fandom bingo.

Drabble: Musing
Title: 'Tis The Season
Characters: Vicki Nelson, Henry Fitzroy
Rating: FRT for mild references to sex and violence
Spoilers: Blood Ties TV Series, Blood books by Tanya Huff
Summary: After the events of the TV series and the books, Vicki and Henry find an unusual way to visit one another - a yearly house swap.

’Tis The Season

FIC: Shapes and Shadows

Title: Shapes and Shadows
Author: emmademarais
Pairing/Characters: Vicki, Henry
Rating/Category: PG13
Spoilers: Blood Price Parts 1 and 2 (TVverse)
Summary: Prompt - Shapes
Notes/Warnings: Read the disclaimer on my LJ

Shapes and Shadows
Title: Written in Blood
Author: Très Méchante
Summary: My name is Henry Fitzroy. I am a prince, a vampire, and the most possessive bastard that ever walked the Earth. And right now I am royally ticked off.

Rating: FRAO (Adult)/NC17 - please read the warnings below
Pairing; Characters: Henry Fitzroy/Mike Celluci

Word count: 2,845 approx.

****** Warnings: dark; obsession, language, stalking, anonymous sex, rough/angry sex, public and semi-public sex, marking/tattooing, physical restraint, blood, magic-induced dub-con ******

Notes: Please note the warnings. This was not what I set out to write; I have no idea how to explain this. All I can say is that Henry is a vampire, a demon, and so his actions are not human in nature. This is darker than what I usually write for Henry/Mike.

Written for rounds_of_kink

Disclaimer: No infringement intended. No profit made. No point suing.

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Written in Blood is located at my fic journal tresmechantefic.
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New fanfic prompts

Hello guys im new to this community and I hope you are not dead yet. I put some prompts for Bloodtiesfanfics in the round of kink promptlist, maybe you are interested writing fanfiction for this wonderful series again.
Historical Big Bang
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Title: Three of Swords
Author: Très Méchante
Summary: The past intrudes on the present when Henry asks Mike for help.

Rating: FRAO (Adult) Warnings/Enticements: power dynamics, oral sex, blood play, pain play, supernatural elements (other than vampire), hazy timeline, clumsy attempt at French language; written for rounds_of_kink

Character; Pairing: Henry Fitzroy, Mike Celluci, Michel d'Eze (OC); Henry/Mike, past Henry/Michel
Word count: 2,340 approx.
Disclaimer: No infringement intended. No profit made. No point suing.

Three of Swords at LJ Fic Journal or AO3.

Update: Meet the Council:

After an eternity FINALLY an update!
I hope you'll like it!!!

Title: Meet the council (part 8/?)
Rating: PG
TV verse: Blood Ties
Not mine, not making any money..
AN: Thanks to luvinmike for beta-reading! Sequel to 'Undercover Revelations' and 'Desperate Times'.
WK: 1440


( Part 8: )



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