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Tanya Huff’s Interview will be on July 28 at 1:00 PM EDT. Tanya is the author of the Blood Books, the basis for the television series Blood Ties, and the Smoke Trilogy, a spin off series of the Blood Books which includes Henry and a another character that was not included in the Blood Ties TV series, along with many other book series and collections. Ms. Huff based her vampire in the Blood Books, Henry Fitzroy, on a fascinating historical event. Henry Fitzroy was the illegitimate son of Henry VIII. The facts of his death and burial give interesting conjecture for the creation of a vampire legend.

Check out my webpage dedicated to Tanya Huff for information about her. After the interview, the transcript link will be posted on that page.

Besides questions about her books, I will also address matters of writing, living with another author, dealing with her books being turned into a television series, and international translation of her books. Questions for Tanya may be submitted through my website at www.jeanniemusick.com or to my twitter account: @JeannieMusick

Please share with anyone interested in Blood Ties, Tanya Huff, writing, or vampires.

Drabble: Musing

Fandom: Blood Ties
Pairing: Henry/Tony, Henry/Vicki
Prompt: Prompt #4 on fandom bingo.

Drabble: Musing
Title: 'Tis The Season
Characters: Vicki Nelson, Henry Fitzroy
Rating: FRT for mild references to sex and violence
Spoilers: Blood Ties TV Series, Blood books by Tanya Huff
Summary: After the events of the TV series and the books, Vicki and Henry find an unusual way to visit one another - a yearly house swap.

’Tis The Season

FIC: Shapes and Shadows

Title: Shapes and Shadows
Author: emmademarais
Pairing/Characters: Vicki, Henry
Rating/Category: PG13
Spoilers: Blood Price Parts 1 and 2 (TVverse)
Summary: Prompt - Shapes
Notes/Warnings: Read the disclaimer on my LJ

Shapes and Shadows
Title: Written in Blood
Author: Très Méchante
Summary: My name is Henry Fitzroy. I am a prince, a vampire, and the most possessive bastard that ever walked the Earth. And right now I am royally ticked off.

Rating: FRAO (Adult)/NC17 - please read the warnings below
Pairing; Characters: Henry Fitzroy/Mike Celluci

Word count: 2,845 approx.

****** Warnings: dark; obsession, language, stalking, anonymous sex, rough/angry sex, public and semi-public sex, marking/tattooing, physical restraint, blood, magic-induced dub-con ******

Notes: Please note the warnings. This was not what I set out to write; I have no idea how to explain this. All I can say is that Henry is a vampire, a demon, and so his actions are not human in nature. This is darker than what I usually write for Henry/Mike.

Written for rounds_of_kink

Disclaimer: No infringement intended. No profit made. No point suing.

~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~
Written in Blood is located at my fic journal tresmechantefic.
~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

New fanfic prompts

Hello guys im new to this community and I hope you are not dead yet. I put some prompts for Bloodtiesfanfics in the round of kink promptlist, maybe you are interested writing fanfiction for this wonderful series again.
Historical Big Bang
This historical big bang covers a variety of fandoms and a variety of histories, be it fantasy or reality. If a show is set with a "historical" theme or set in history, this big bang is for you. If you want to write a crossover or a historical flashback, this big bang is for you. The sky is the limit.

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I don't play with the boys nearly as often as I should.

Title: Three of Swords
Author: Très Méchante
Summary: The past intrudes on the present when Henry asks Mike for help.

Rating: FRAO (Adult) Warnings/Enticements: power dynamics, oral sex, blood play, pain play, supernatural elements (other than vampire), hazy timeline, clumsy attempt at French language; written for rounds_of_kink

Character; Pairing: Henry Fitzroy, Mike Celluci, Michel d'Eze (OC); Henry/Mike, past Henry/Michel
Word count: 2,340 approx.
Disclaimer: No infringement intended. No profit made. No point suing.

Three of Swords at LJ Fic Journal or AO3.


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